CERTIFICATION: ISO 9001:2008 &BS EN ISO 14001:2004 Member of the Kurjibhai Ramji Group
At Allied Aluminium Products Ltd., we believe that in order to pursue and preserve the highest level of customer satisfaction for our clients, we must provide a superior work environment for the AAPLTD team.  As a mid-size company we are at a significant advantage in that our employees have access to a competitive and well rounded benefits package, state of the art technology, sophisticated and contemporary offices and many of the other advantages of working for a larger company. At the same time we are ideally positioned to recognize our staff as a diverse and savvy group of professionals with individualized needs who can run as an independent producer if they chose to do so. 

If you are ready to start keeping more of what you have worked so hard to get, please reach us at career@aapltd.net
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